Welcome. These pages document the more obscure events of my current incarnation.

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I’ve connected musically with The SistaHood, 3 visionary women who sing, rap and chant over my live looped tunes. We are preparing material to record an album with legendary NZ producers Deep Fried Dub, and will perform live at Workshop in Melbourne on May 2nd, 16th and 30th from 6pm, come check us out…

An EP of music I created in Nepal in 2014 can be listened to below, if you decide to purchase a copy, 100% of profits from digital sales will be donated to “Direct Relief” (www.directrelief.org) to assist in Nepal’s recovery from the April 2015 earthquake.

I’m usually getting up to all sorts of mischief, like my facebook page to follow my daily adventures…

Thanks for visiting my little website, I hope you are making the most of your life, it is a precious opportunity for soul growth and this planet isn’t going to sustain us mammals for much longer.

In truth, gratitude, freedom, and love,


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  1. Ben H

    Yo – just trying working on a few ideas for pics – starting with the farmer, will send you some when i get some that look ok


Comment: You can do it!!