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Monday: Melbourne to Kabul and setting up the festival sound system…

I got up at 8:30am and was picked up by Jase at 9am. Considering the night I had before (I saw TOOL at rod laver arena and had about 2 hours sleep) I think I did pretty well. We had a couple of pints at the Irish pub at Melbourne airport to loosen up.

These photos are all from my phone, and there’s some video links below too, the internet is pretty slow here in Kabul so I probably wont upload many videos. BBC, MTV and Al Jazeera are all here covering the festival anyway.


This was full of vodka, we found it somewhere between Melbourne and Dubai… Jase gave the glass skull to his brother, Travis, when we arrived in Kabul.


Airline of Afghanistan, we flew in this plane from Dubai. This part of the journey is all rather vague, I remember inexplainably waking up in a seat at the back of the plane.


These are the mountains outside and around Kabul, there was heaps of snow further south…


This guy was on a billboard at Kabul airport ^.

And then this was driving through Kabul at 7am —> Video on YouTube


Here is the festival poster: The festival runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday…


This is the street outside Jackie Chan House where I will stay tonight with the festival organisers, apparently tomorrow I’ll be staying at a guesthouse with the other musicians.


We set up these speakers and heaps more… That’s Travis in the middle who runs the whole she-bang and on the right is Jase who I came over with from Melbourne.

Here’s a video of the stage almost ready —> Video on Youtube

I’m exhausted but just had the best dinner of a million different hot indian style curries.

Sorry if this was brief, I just flew for 30 hours, arrived in Kabul at 7am and then immediately set up the audio for a 4 day festival… Must sleep NOW!!

Post 2: Day 2 and 3 of the festival…



Rockin out in Afghanistan

Heya, so I thought I would document my trip to Afghanistan since it’s a place very few people (except soldiers) have visited in the last 12 years or so, what with it being a war zone and all. Heaps of peeps (I like that, ‘heaps of peeps’, imagine them all piled up on top of each other) have asked me what it’s all about so basically, here’s the run down…

There’s this alternative music festival called Sound Central happening in Kabul which has been running for the past 3 years. It’s run by this Aussie guy called Travis who lives in Kabul and teaches Afghani kids how to skate. Now Travis’ brother, Jase, is a sound engineer who lives in Melbourne and has been doing sound for the festival since it started. Jase sometimes does sound for one of my bands, Vultures of Venus, and has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, having similar underworld proclivities and a love of loud rocking music. Now he mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that he was heading back to do the festival in Afghanistan and I jokingly asked him if there was any work going. The conversation went something like this…

Jase: “Actually, yeah, the festival has got too big and I need a stage manager”

Me: “Sounds great, I’m there”

Jase: “If you perform as well we can cover your flights”

Me: “Awesome”

So on Sunday morning (after Tool on Saturday night HELLZ YEAH) I’ll be flying Melbourne, Brunei, Dubai, Kabul, and will be setting up and helping manage a 3 day music festival in Afghanistan. Performing at the festival, I’ll be playing bass with Jase as a 2 piece live dub thing we put together called 2Bit Dub & the Trash, filling in on bass for a few songs with local band White City, playing bass with another local band Pit Panther Party, and DJing some tunes like this to boot…

After the festival I’m gonna spend a few days exploring Kabul and the surrounds with Jase and Travis, then I’ll be back in Melbs just like it never happened.

I’ll post pics and some videos so you can check out my perspective and, yeah, see what’s happening in Kabul!! If you subscribe with your email address up there on the top right, I can email you with updates!! Rock on brothers and sisters!!