Thursday: Rock day and Friday: Relax and party day!

There are some great bands in Kabul, particularly District Unknown, a hardrock/metal band…

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I’m not normally into metal, because I find the technical side of it can quickly become annoying and wanky but these guys were great, really dynamic and lots of energy changes. And lots of stage diving 🙂 They were a step up from most of the other Afghan rock bands, some of which were pretty good. I heard lots of fantastic drummers.

There were 3 other bands that played that were also great. White City are a punkrock band of 3 expats, including the founder of Sound Central Festival, Travis (Aussie) on guitar, and Ruth (English) on bass and lead vocals, and fuck can she sing.

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Travis and Ruth both work on a bunch of other projects, obviously have a lot of compassion for Afghanis, and a dedication to the local rock scene. 

The day ended with a great funkrock band called Tears of the Sun, from Uzbekistan and were the most professional; they didn’t complain and soundchecked really fast.


Tears of the Sun are staying at the same guesthouse as me so I planned to go drinking with them last night. The festival crew were totally exhausted, however, so we relaxed at Travis’ house and celebrated the large part of the work being done. I guess I can hang out with the Uzbekis at the after party this eve.


Today (Friday) is the holy day here so there is no festival action scheduled. We are setting up a sound system at a place called the International Club, a big beautiful old hotel, to host a party for festival crew and guests. Just DJs will play so there will be no real audio work after we set up the sound system. Jase and I are going to sit around the pool and write extra beats for our Band named SU gig tomorrow, we’re opening for a Polish rock/drum n bass band who are the festival headliners and are closing the festival.

I am feeling pretty good despite the last 4 days of work and drinking, it really is true that when you are doing something you love, you have boundless motivation and energy. I can’t wait for the party tonight and the chance to just chill and chat with all the great people I have been working with for the last 4 days.


Thank you for your time and interest!!

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