As long as I can remember I have created music. I started hammering my parents piano as a toddler, taught myself guitar as an angsty teen, began pounding drums and bass guitar in my early twenties, and began exploring music production in my mid twenties. I now do a bit of everything in my wonderful home audio lab.

Please follow this link to —->BANDCAMP<—- and check out my releases…

Here are some links to a few of my musical projects, past and present…

Craigus McVegas on Soundcloud

The Safety Word – My psychedelic RnB electronica band

BabyJuice – electronic chill and downbeat, often with live musicians thrown into the mix.

CJ Jones – My 50s rock n roll persona, I play guitar, harmonica, and sing.

Vultures of Venus – I have played the bass in this Melbourne rock band since 2008.

The Waihau Project – a 2 piece live looping chill band, in which I play bass and drums. Here is a video showing how I play both of these at the same time… sort of…

Comment: You can do it!!