Ganges River Trip 2014


I love rivers and once, after I had been fired from a particularly soul destroying job, my partner at the time and I caught a train to an upper section of the Murray River (the biggest river in Australia), bought a blow-up boat from K-Mart, and floated down the river for almost 3 weeks. It was an incredible experience, and one I have always wanted to repeat. If it was possible on the Murray River then why not on Indias most sacred river?

In December last year, a friend and I bought one-way flights to Kathmandu from Melbourne for a mind-bending $281. Here is our plan: Travel west from Kathmandu across the Himalayan foothills until we reach the head of the Ganges. Travel downstream until we find the river flat enough to boat on. Buy a boat from someone. Paddle down the river as far as possible. And that’s it. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it all the way to Sri Lanka?

The river is about 2000km from source to sea, and we arrive in Kathmandu on April 9. I’m taking my guitar to entertain myself and the locals we meet along the way, and not much else. Google tells me that In April and May, the climate is usually dry and not too hot. Subscribe if you want updates and wish us luck! Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be one hell of an adventure. And no, I’ve never been to India before 😉


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    1. Craigus McVegas Post author

      I did make it to Sri Lanka, it was a trip in itself! Will tell that story one day for sure 😉


Comment: You can do it!!